Village Scenery Drawing| Easy Drawing Guide For Learners


Village Scenery Drawing Guide

Village scenery drawing:Drawing is the name of conversion of thoughts into the visionable art or a board or paper. Today we are going to disclose the hacks to draw a village scenery drawing.

This particular session of drawing is full of new magical and precautionary tricks to draw neat and clean drawing.

As this drawing session is going to be easy, so the learning process for kids will also be feasible. Kids can freely and easily absorb all the way to draw it.

We will go deeper and over to cover all the basics to draw an imaginary drawing.

This session is full with all the basic needs that will go to give a detailed look in a drawing. So let’s start the drawing session without making any inconvenience.


First off all we have to arrange our required material that we are going to use in this drawing.

  • Canvas
  • water pencils.
  • Water colors.
  • Colored markers.

Step 1 to draw village scenery drawing:

We will take a start from drawing the homes of a village. This drawing portion to draw a village is going to be very easy and gorgeous.

First of all draw two parallel lines in a straightforward position with the difference of 2.5cm.

Then at the end of these lines draw a bending line making the angle of 30° . That is connecting the both ends of these straight lines.

By the central point of this line, stretch a line going to the backward position. Our ¾ portion of building a villages house has completed now.

Take a further step to finish it. Lay down a line that will show the back position of a house. By the ending of this line, draw a line which will connect the upbringing line. That we have just drawn before.

Make a window shape. To make it we will draw a rectangle. Inside this rectangular shape we will sketch out the internal portion of the window. To draw out the internal section, we will draw two lines. First line will be in a vertical position

The second line will be in the horizontal position.

By following the same procedure, draw out 3′ 4 same shape house to demonstrate a village. Fill the light brown color to the roof of our first house.

But in the roofs of backward houses, we will fill the mix-up of dark red and light brown color. This mixture of colors will show the shadow of a sun , directly shining on the roofs of the village houses.

Step 2 of village scenery drawing

In the second step we are going to draw the trees around our houses. To draw the trees, we will take a support by a bending line. Draw two bending lines in a vertical position with the main difference of 1.5 cm.

By the end of these lines, we will sketch out some leaves and stems of the tree.

Fill light brown color to the stems of the tree. By the help of curvy lines you can easily draw the leaves and stems.

In the leaves we will fill the dark green color. Now our ¾ portion of our drawing has completed now.

Step 3 of drawing session.

In the third step we will draw a pound which is laying down just near to the village. To make this you can easily get the guidance by the above attached image.

So after sketching the pond like shape, fill the light blue color having the combination of white color also.

Now by the ending of this session we will draw a sky. For the sky position we will use the light green and blue color.

To make this drawing more decent and imaginary, you can easily draw out some more trees around the village section. And the by the ending corner of the pond.

Hope this drawing will help to the beginners to draw such magical imaginary drawing.

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