Unicorn Cupcake Drawing| Fancy Drawings For Kids

Unicorn cupcake drawing: We are here with an innovative and imaginative drawing session. To make your kid’s birthday special, we are going to make an imaginative unicorn cupcake drawing. This drawing session is particularly arranged to make a smile on their faces.

You can use this drawing to decorate your wall on your kid’s birthday. Drawing is a type of visual art to express emotions and feelings by marking different points on the paper in order to make a specific shape.

You are going to have a happy and joyful time when you will make this particular drawing with the assistance of your kid. Encourage your kid to get involved in different activities.

This drawing process is simple yet the result will be in the form of aww. The most interesting part of this drawing session is that process is simple and kids can easily hand over the whole process.

Basic material for unicorn cupcake drawing:

  • Bold black marker( for practicing led pencil with the thinner tip will be suitable
  • Geometric instruments( must include scale and roller).
  • Colors as per your preference( Pink, white, light green, and black will be suitable for this drawing session
  • Hardboard( we will use this hardboard as a base on which we will perform our complete drawing process

Step 1: for unicorn cupcake drawing

Start the process by making flowers on the head surface of the face. Make smooth spiral shapes to represent the flowers. The first spiral will be bitter larger than the spiral on the left and right-hand side. Then we will make the leaf shapes attached with these spirals.

Now our head surface is ready to show. Fill light pink colors to the outer surface of the spiral. Light green color will go for the inner layer of the spiral. You can also use white color between the outer and inner layers of the spiral.

Step2 of unicorn cupcake drawing:

Start making the cake outline. To sketch the outline of the cake draw a half circle first to both sides. Make a curve starting from the ending point of the right circle, merging with the right-left side circle at the starting point. 

The end to that curve makes 5 to 6 small curves in form of layers. Our cake head outline is complete now. Move forward to make it more creative for kids.

Draw to similar circles with a distance of 3cm.  Inside these circles make two smaller receptacle shapes that will be specified for the lens. To the inner side, those lenses draw a rectangular shape in which we will fill white color to show the light inside that lense. Our half drawing has completed now.

Step 3 of unicorn cupcake drawing:

Make three little bit fade lines in a downward direction. At the end of these lines make three curvy lines cycle to show the base of that cake. Fill the light pink color half to these lines. White color in the inner portion with a distance of 0.5cm each.

Now we will turn to make the ear section of our drawing portion. To make the ears, first of all, draw two ovals shapes at both corners of the head section. The inside of those oval shapes draws two similar but smaller in size. Fill the mix-up of light pink and white colors. Now we will make a bigger con in the center of those oval shapes. To make a cone first of all draw two similar size receptacle lines.

At the ending point of these lines draw an oval and make another smaller oval shape inside that bigger oval shape. At the starting point of those lines make a circle attaching both ends of those lines. Fill the upper portion of the con with dark pink color and the base of that con with a dark brown color.

Our unicorn drawing session has completed now. Hope you will find these steps easy and comfortable.

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