Types Of Illustrations| Various Forms of Illustration and Techniques

Types of illustrations:Drawing is a way of an artist to express his heart’s feelings and what he is observing in his surroundings. Final come out of a drawing usually depends upon its nature and purpose behind to draw it.

Many types of drawings are available nowadays with their specific features. So let’s explore all the types of drawing and also explore the ways to draw them.

Types of Illustrations drawings:

Illustration drawing is much specific in his limits and artist use it to clearly define the purpose of an image. Artists are decorating different structures to give them an illustrated look.

Illustration drawing clearly defines its purpose and useful to decorate the layout of specified and commercially applicable documents. An illustration drawing is useful to clearly describe the detail of a project.

There are mainly two types of illustration drawing.

  • Traditional( manual illustration).
  • Modern illustration.

Traditional illustration:

An illustration or art work designed manually is known as traditional illustration. This type of drawing is further classified into 6 subtypes. In the earlier times they used to draw different textures, designs and shapes using different tools. They were not loaded with the technology innovations so they have to do most of their work by themselves.

wood-cutting illustration:

This is an old aged type of drawing and was popular between 1230- 1470. This printing illustration was mostly used in printmaking on various blocks of woods.

The artist carves different structures usually with the goages. After carving typical structures they remove the non-printing surfaces from that block of wood.

This type of illustration was used to decorate the wood furniture. It was also helpful to not down the face structure on wooden blocks.

Graphite illustration:

In pencil illustration, there is a usage of pencil and their shades to convert their thoughts, ideas and emotional feelings to visionary form.

They artist may use an graphite led in could up in a wooden case. In this type of illustration, the artist may use graphite leds, carbon led, color pencils and ink pencils to make a portrait.

Carbon illustration:

Carbon or charcoal illustration never provides more visible results as compared to the pencil illustration. Artist use this illustration in different stories and novels where little visibility is needed.

Usage of charcoal is the most favourite hobby of artists to use it as a blender. Charcoal blends smoothly and as a result it provides visible shadows.

Lithography illustration:

Lithography illustrations and traditional illustrations are interlinked and embedded in each other very well.

The term lithography derived from the two Greek words:

Litho= Stone

Grapheon= write

Lithography illustration demonstrates the printed illustrations used by wax oil and water mixture on the surfaces of flat stones or limestone plates.

This kind of traditional illustration is also useful in order to print the text on flat surfaces.

Watercolor illustration:

Watercolor illustration is a useful technique to tell a story by making various illustrations on a canvas. This technique is valuable to use in kid’s school.book due to its specifications to define the depth detail of an object.

The colors can made by the combination of various pigments that are clearly diluted in water base solutions. The most essential factors to continue this drawing are watercolor pencils and water insoluble papers.

Acrylic Illustration:

Acrylic is a water resistant liquid and it is useful to draw various textures on the surface of cloth or a canvas. As the acrylic dries very rapidly so it provides a base to dissolve the various types of pigments.

Pen and Ink Illustration:

A well known type of illustration due to its ability to make a construction relation among the different elements. This is a monochromatic type of illustration and it is useful to draw various textures by using this technique. It is clearly notable that we can easily achieve fine and accurate lines with the conjunction of dot to dot relation on a plain surface.

Modern illustration:

This is somewhat similar to the traditional illustration but the difference comes when the outer result comes in the form of digital print. The time has gone when to derive a clean result, ancient people spend the whole day in order to just ready a single piece of the art.

As the time is changing, technique to draw out different illusions is also changing.

 Freehand digital illustration:

Freehand digital illustrations use ink and pencil techniques but using modern lyrics and tablet’s pen. No matter, the running era has become more modern, but the traditional techniques are still useful. Illustration creators and designers use tablet’s pen to draw out their imagination into a unique texture form.

Such illustrations are used in kid’s school books to define various historical values.

Vector illustration:

To define the direction of a specific path, artists used the technique of the coordination axes. The ensure the staying position of each point on coordination axes in order to determine the direction of the laying path.

As the sum up, we will like to say that illustration is a diverse form of the imaginations, creativity and thoughts in visualise forms.

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