The girl on a swing| 4 easiest and amazing steps to draw

You want to draw the girl on a swing. Don’t worry. We are here for you. This article contains amazing tips and tricks to draw the girl. These tips and tricks will help you to draw the girl.

We will teach you how to draw the girl step by step, to be easy for you to draw. Every step is explained very deeply.

This drawing will improve your drawing skills as more you draw more perfections you will get in your drawing process.

And your drawing will be perfect. So let’s dig into it.

Required things to draw the girl on a swing:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • Tissue paper

 The first step of girl on a swing.

First, draw a straight line of 14cm in the centre of the page. Then draw two circles on the line you have made. If you want this step to look perfect, then look at the picture that we have attached.

After this drawn line starting from the end of the circle ending at the end of the line, do the same on the other side. It will look like a heart. Erase the extra lines.

The second step of girl on a swing.

After doing the first step, draw a line starting from the heart’s bottom side and ending in the below of the heart’s tip.

Then draw another line beside the first line.Make a v shape in the line you just have drawn. Draw more lines to make it look like a tree.

If you wlant to see the perfection in this step to be perfect, then you can easily get the assistance by attached images.

Now draw a small line and another line of the same size just below the first line to make the swing.

Then draw two straight lines on both sides of the swing.

The Third Step :

The third step to draw the girl on the swing is: Draw a line of 6.5cm and mark three sections in it, first 1.5cm, second 3cm, and third 5.6cm.

Then stretch the mark of 1.5 cm and connect it with the second mark of 3cm and bent it in downward direction.

Now draw a small line starting from the second mark of 3cm and ending on the swing, do as it is on the other side to make the girl’s dress.

Draw a wavy line that starts from the line 6.5cm.Draw another wavy line just below the first line (see in the picture) to make hair.

To draw the perfect hairs you may get assistance by our other session on curvy lines drawing. This session will help you to draw the hairs with more perfection and will teach you some basic points.

After this, draw a v shape below the swing to make legs. Then draw the small attached ovals to make the feet.

Now draw a curved line that starts from the first mark of 1.5cm and ends on the swing; draw the same line just below the first line to make the hand. Now erase the extra lines.

The fourth step:

Now draw a tiny circle. Draw two little triangles on the circle. After this draw a line starting from the circle and ends on the swing and draw a curve line, which starts from the circle and ends on the swing to make the cat.

Now draw the tiny flower in the middle of the girl and the cat. After this, draw small leaves on the tree.

The fifth step:

The girl on a swing

The last step to draw the girl on a swing is: After the fourth step, take pieces of the pencil’s lead. Then take a tissue paper make press it on the pieces of the lead.

And the color the whole heart with it. Remember, don’t color it too dark. At the end of this point fill the black color in tree, girl, cat, and flowers.

Now draw the ground at the bottom of the heart. And make a small circle on the top of the girl by using an eraser to make the moon (see in the picture).


This article will be beneficial for those who are having difficulty drawing the girl on a swing. If you want your drawing to be perfect, then follow our instructions and check the pictures out.

You may also get the basic points to start and learn the basics of this art. These upper defined tips are useful in both oil painting and other forms of imaginations.

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