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Welcome to the ajdrawing!

These words define the rules and regulations regarding the usage of the website of ajdrawing located at https://ajdrawing.com/.

We recognize that you consent to these terms and conditions when visiting this page. If you do not want to recognize all the terms and conditions specified on this tab, do not proceed with ajdrawing.

The following wording refers to the following terms and conditions, the Privacy Declaration and the Disclaimer Notice and other agreements: you and the individual logging to the web and agreeing with the terms and conditions of the business are referred to as “Client.” ‘The Group,’ ‘We,’ ‘Our,’ ‘We’ and ‘Us,’ signify our Company. “Party” “Parties” or “Us” applies both to the client and to us. All terms applicable to the bid, approval, and consideration of payment needed to conduct our assistance process to the Consumer in the most suitable way for the sole purpose of satisfying the Customer’s requirements about the provision of the services specified by the business in conformity with and according to the prevailing Netherlands rules. The usage of the above-mentioned terms, including other phrases, in the singular, plural, capitalizing, and/or deemed synonymous and so-referred to.


We need cookies. We use them. Through visiting a drawing, you have decided to use cookies in compliance with the privacy policy of the ajdrawing.

Many interactive websites use cookies to enable them to collect information about the user for each session. Cookies are included on our website to make it easy for users to use our website to use those places. Some will also see the cookies of our affiliate/publicity clients.


Except as otherwise mentioned, a drawing or its licensors have intellectual property protection overall and drawing products. The privileges of intellectual property are protected. You can access this from ajdrawing, subject to restrictions set out in the terms and conditions of your own personal usage.

You don’t have to:

Republish adjdrawing content
Sale, renting or subcontracting content.
Reproduce, repeat or copy add-on content
Redistribute ajdrawing material

This Arrangement shall start on this day.

Sections of this platform allow people to post and share views and knowledge in certain areas of the website. A drawing is not filtering, deleting, posting, or reviewing Feedback due to their website existence. Comments do not represent adjdrawing agents and/or associates’ views and opinions. Comments represent the thoughts and views of the person who offers his or her views. The Ajdrawing shall not be accountable to the degree allowed by relevant legislation for any complaint, losses, damages, or expenditures incurred and/or sustained due to any usage or publishing of or display on this website of the Comments.

Ajdrawing retains the right to track all Comments and erase any Comments that may be viewed as unacceptable, insulting, or conflicting with these Terms and Conditions.

You warrant and reflect the following:

You have the freedom to publish your comments on our website with all required licenses and consents;
The Statements do not breach any intellectual property privileges, including without limitation any third party’s copyright, patent, or trademark;
No untruthful, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or otherwise unconstitutional content is included in the Comments.
The Remarks shall not be used to solicit or encourage enterprises, or customary practices or to present illegal activities.

You hereby grant the extension of non-exclusive permission for the usage, replication, editing, and authorization of anyone in all types, formats, or media to replicate and modify certain statements.

Link to our material

Without prior written permission, the following organizations can connect to our website:

Agencies of government;
Engines of search;
News agencies;
Online directory dealers can connect to our website in the same way as they link to the websites of other companies listed;
But for non-profit organizations, charity shopping centers, and charitable entities that are unable to hyperlink to our platform, Framework wide accredited companies.

These organizations may connect to our homepage or publications or other web site data so long as the connection (a) is in no way deceptive;(b) does not falsely indicate that the link party and its goods and/or services are supported, endorsed, or approved; and(c) does not fit into the sense of the linked party’s website.

We will accept and authorize other requests for connections from the following organizations:

commonly recognized outlets of intelligence for customers and/or businesses;
group pages dot.com;
Affiliations or other voluntary groups;
Vendors of web directory;
Internet portals; Internet portals
Companies in accounting, law, and consultancy;
Educational and industrial organizations institutions.

Connection requests from these organizations are approved if we decide: (a) the link does not render us unfavorable or against our certified companies; (b) the company has no derogatory registrations with us; (c) the advantages to us from the exposure of the hyperlink offset the absence of add-ons, and (d) the link is in the sense of the general resource details.

Those organizations may connect to our homepage given the following link: (a) is not disappointing in any way; (b) it is not falsely a question of supporting, supporting, or authorizing the party and its services; and (c) it fits in with the linked party’s website.

You must contact us by sending an e-mail to ajdrawing if you are an entity mentioned in paragraph 2 above and are an interested individual linking to our website. Please enter your name, corporate name, contact details, and URL list, a list of the URLs on which you wish to connect to our website, and a list of the URLs that you want to link to on our site. Wait two or three weeks for a reply.

Accredited organizations will connect to our website as follows:

Through utilizing our brand name;
By using the standardized resource locator to be connected;
Utilizing some other definitions of our website makes sense with the material and style of the related section.

No usage of the drawing logo or other artwork would be permitted for links without a trademark permit arrangement.


You can not build frames across our webpages or modify our website’s graphic presentation or appearance without prior approval and written consent.

Liability for Content

We shall not be liable for any material on your website. You promise to defend us against any allegations that exist on your page. Any web platform that can be viewed as defamatory, pornographic, or illegal, infringes, infringes, otherwise infringes, and supports breaches or other abuses of any third party’s rights may not be connected.

Yours is privacy

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Freedom Reservation

We reserve the right to order the withdrawal of any links or links to our website. You consent to erase all ties to our website instantly upon request. We also reserve the right to add and connect these terms and conditions at any time. By constantly connecting to our Page, you consent to conform to these terms and conditions and comply with them.

We delete connections from our website.

You can contact and remind us at any time if you find a connection on our website, which is offensive for any cause. We shall consider requests to erase connections, but we are not obliged to reply directly to you.

We do not guarantee that the content on this Website is reliable. We do not guarantee its completeness or authenticity, nor do we guarantee that the Website will stay accessible or that the material on this Website will be maintained up to date.


We exempt all claims, guarantees, and restrictions related to our website and its operation to the fullest degree allowed under the relevant legislation. There will be none in this disclaimer:

limit or exempt our or your personal injuries liability;
Limit or remove our or your obligation for theft or misrepresentation;
limit in every way whatsoever our or your liabilities that are not permissible under applicable law;
Exclude any obligation that might not be exempt by current legislation from us or the liabilities.

The responsibility limits and bans laid down in this section and elsewhere in this disclaimer are as follows: (a) are protected by the following subsection; and (b) all claims occurring under the disclaimer, namely contractual, tort, and violation liabilities.

Unless the website is given free of charge, we shall not be accountable for any failure or harm of any kind.