Squirrel Drawing| 3 Steps Drawing Guide

Today we are going to pass out some easy and best free hacks of drawing. We will guide you about some basics of drawings, by squirrel drawing. We will use some innovative and imaginative strategies to complete the whole process neatly and cleanly by staying away from any inconveniences.

So, honestly speaking you are going to love this drawing tutorial. This step-by-step tutorial is full of innovative ways to handle the drawing basic problem. If you are going to try, then this guide will help you out from start to end. So stay with us to get out this unique and eye-catching squirrel drawing.

Basics need to complete the process:

The material we have used to go through with the process is easy to reach out to. You can easily find the required material from any stationary shop. And the most magical point is that the mentioned material is safe to use for both adults and kids as well.

So let’s check out the whole list of basic required material.

  • White drawing paper with a smooth surface. You can also use ordinary paper. But the surface of the paper should be hard but smooth.
  • The 2nd most important material is a drawing board. You are also free to use ordinary paper boards.
  • Drawing pencils( we will recommend going with the ultimate dark pencil).
  • Color makers( we are going to use a brown, red, grey, dark green, and sienna brown color).

Easy steps to draw squirrel drawing:

Here is a comprehensive guide about all the steps we followed to attain high drawing results. So get ready for upcoming results. Just stay connected with us and enjoy the whole process.

Just deeply follow all the steps to meet your imaginations.

Step 1 of cute squirrel drawing:

Starting with covering the head portion of the squirrel. Just make a small oval shape having a radius of 3.9cm. Now around this oval shape make two similar curves in the downward position to both sides of this oval shape.

Now, covering the basic outline of the face go ahead and make the outline of the nose. To make the noise of the squirrel we will use two curvy lines. Draw two have curves with a distance of 0.5 cm. Then in the middle of these curves, we will drop a straight line in a downward position.

After setting up the nose outline, we will give some shading effects to the lower portion of the nose.

We have completed half of the face of squirrels. The next move will be to make the eye portion. To draw the catchy eyes, first of all, draw to middle circles, almost having a radius of 1.7cm. Double the circles with two other smaller size circles. To the inner circle, we will fill the black color. And to show the lens, white color will be our priority. Now to the upper portion of the eye, we will draw eyebrows.

Almost, we are done with the face portion of the squirrel. Just for the final touch, we will draw matches( whiskers) of the squirrel. We will draw these whiskers by drawing 3 middle-size hairlines to both sides.

Step 2 for squirrel drawing: 

Now it’s time to draw out the body of the squirrel. So to make the body, first of all, we will go with the tummy portion of the squirrel. We will use the zig-zag lines to trace the tummy area. Then after completing the tummy area we will go to draw the legs of the squirrel.

For legs, we will go for a curvy line. Trace a bigger curvy line. At the ending of this curvy line, draw a circle to represent the feet area.

Now we will draw the tail of the squirrel. To draw the tail of the squirrel, draw a smooth curvy line starting just behind the neck and ending to the feet.

Step 3 for squirrel drawing:

The last and final step is coloring our drawing. We will apply dark brown color to the tail. To cover up the body with a stylish look, we will use a sienna black-brown color. The light pink color is specified to cover up the feet of the squirrel.

Congrats you have completed your drawing tutorial. If you will follow our steps, then we are sure that you will get amazing results. Check out our other drawing sessions to keep on better practice.

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