Sad Girl In The Broken Mirror| 4 Steps Imaginary Drawing Ideas

Sad girl in the broken mirror, you are yearning to draw but are not able to draw it. Don’t be perturb we are here for you to provide a hand. This article is full of vital tips and tricks to draw it. These tips will direct you to draw it efficiently without any mess.

We will tutor you how to draw it step by step so it will be valid for you to draw it. Every step is explained intensely. This drawing will promote your drawing ability as more you draw more your drawing will be just right. So let’s get it started.

Desired things to draw sad girl in the broken mirror:

  • White paper
  • Pencil( graphite or carbon led pencils)
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • Blending stump (use H- blending stump or you may use tissues for blending).

1st step of drawing: 

First of all draw a vertical line of length of 13 cm in the centre of the page. Then draw a crooked line starts from the top of the vertical line.

After this draw another crooked of 3.5 cm and distance between this line and the vertical line should be 5.7 cm. . Look at the picture if you don’t understand.

Now draw a horizontal line in the bottom edge of the 3.5 cm line of length of 5.4 cm. also draw l shape on the left side of vertical line and connect the edges to draw the broken mirror. Look at the picture if you don’t understand.

2nd step:

Now draw a vertical line in the shape and below the curve of length of 7 cm.

After this mark the points on the 7 cm line, first mark of 1 cm and 2nd mark of 1.7 cm and 3rd mark of 4.2 cm and last mark of 5.2 cm. Look at the picture if you don’t understand.

Then stretch the first and second mark to the left side of the 7 cm line and stretch the 3rd and 4th mark a little. Draw a curvy line in the top side. After this draw the eye between the first two marks and also draw the eyebrow. Look at the picture if you don’t understand.

3rd step:

Draw the nostrils on the 3rd mark and also draw 2 curves on the on the both side of the nostrils to draw the nose. Then draw the lips on the 4th mark and draw the face shape.

Erase the extra lines. Now draw the thumb on the right of the shape. Look at the picture if you don’t understand. Then draw a small crooked line on the left side of the shape and draw the same line below the 1st line and connect the upper edges by using the curvy line to draw the finger.

After this draw 2 small crooked lines below the finger and then connect them with curvy line, and draw this 2 times do as it just below this.

Stretch these lines and connect them with curvy lines, on the bottom side. . Look at the picture if you don’t understand.

4th step:

Here is the last step to draw sad girl in the broken mirror. Erase the extra lines. After this draw a nails on the finger. Color the eye and nails and shade the lips and the nose.

Now draw small lines in the hair and also color it. Shade the face and hand by using a blending stump. Also draw the tear and your drawing is ready. Look at the picture if you don’t understand.


This article will educate you how to draw sad girl in the broken mirror. This article is composed of with handy tricks and tips to draw it. This drawing will give courage to you to draw more drawings related to this one.

If you draw this drawing you will be talented enough to draw more drawings in your own without any teacher. In case you don’t understand any step then take a look at the pictures that are set in this article.

And the most important thing to learn about basics of drawing is to learn about how to choose a drawing pencil. The pressure you will put on pencils may disturb your drawing process. So choose strong pencils to avoid any disturbance.

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