Romantic Scenery Drawing| 3 Steps Drawing Guide For Beginners

This particular session of drawing is specially devoted for the valentine day. We are going to draw a romantic scenery drawing to express the love between a couple .Drawing is an alternative source to express hidden feelings and emotions.This drawing phase is going to be very easy and fast. Kids are also able to draw such beautiful and fast learning drawings if they will follow all the process step by step. The process and steps defined in this article are easy to follow.

Required material to go ahead with the drawing process:

  • A white drawing board or you can also use a canvas.
  • Drawing markers of three unique colors( red+ black+ Green)
  • ┬áPencil with hard noke( our priority will go for ultimate dark pencil or DOMS)
  • Eraser to wipe out the unusual mistakes.
  • Scale to have perfect measurements to avoid any unusual disturbance.

Easy steps to draw romantic scenery drawing:

Here are the few little but tricky steps to draw this beautiful and mesmerizing drawing. So let’s run through this easiest process.

Step 1 of romantic scenery drawing:


First of all you have to get a paper with size 21*8cm. Then we will draw a base line to the end of paper. After that draw two vertical line. The height of the right one line should be 7.8 cm. The height of the left side line should be 5.8 cm. Then the central distance will be of 3.5 cm.

After that we will move forward to the starting point. We will mark two points with the distance of 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm. On the other line we will mark points with the difference of 1.5c and 4.5 cm.

First of all we will start to make the sketch of a girl. We will start form the first marked point and draw a slight curve which will end up to 2nd marked point. Then a bigger curve which will move toward the end of paper.

After that we will make the outline of the girl hairs. For that we will draw a lot of slightest thinner curves. Then we will give these curves a black shade. Then we will make the nose and lips outline of the girl. You can also take inspiration from the image.

Step 2 of romantic scenery drawing:

In the 2nd step we will move to draw the boy outline. We will take a start form the left side line. From the starting point of the line we will make a curvature line coming towards the ending point of the page. Then we will draw the outline of the nose and lips of the boy. For that make two half curves. Join these curves at the ending points. Then give some shades to show eyelashes.

Then we will take a further step to sketch out the pent of the boy. First of all we will draw two smooth curves incorporating each other. Then draw two more curves in lining to the first sketched curves. Give some shady impression to represent the pent of the boy. The boy is in sitting position. Put a rose outline in the centre of both hands.

Step 3 of romantic scenery drawing:

At the centre of the page draw a big circles. Then avoiding shade out the whole remaining area. For shading purpose you can also go with the tissue paper of cotton buds instead of the blending stumps.

After completing out shading process we will come up to make the tree. Draw some curvy lines to show up the base of the tree. Then move to make the body outline of the tree. To make the stem go with curvy lines. Then give a slighter shade to the whole tree stems and staples. Make the outlines of the tree leaves. Some of the leaves are falling toward the ground.

Now our drawing outline has completed. It’s time to fill the colors in the whole sketch. Starting with the leaves, fill the green color in the leaves. In the stems of the tree fill lighter black color. Rose stem should be of green color and patels should be of the green color.

Finally you have got your interested piece of romantic scenery drawing. Hope you will enjoy the whole process of the drawing. As the steps defined thorough out the process are easy to follow. Kids can also follow the step by step guideline to get this master piece of drawing.

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