Realistic lips drawing| 4 Steps Drawing Hacks

Many beginners draw their lips, but their lips do not look realistic. If you are one of them whose lips do not look natural, do not take tension. We will teach you how to draw naturally and realistic lips drawing.

These well defined steps will help you to make this beautiful and amazing drawing.

So we are goin to share some tips and tricks to draw realistic lips. These tricks are useful and helpful to helpful for beginners and specialists to perform their drawing skills.

Required things

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • White paper
  • Scale
  • Cotton bud

The first step to realistic lips Drawing.

First, draw a straight line of 13 cm long in the middle of the page. Then mark the point of 6.5 cm in the line you just have drawn. Now draw another line crossing from the point of 6.5 cm. It will look like an addition sign.

It is then the time to draw a v shape on the top of the line you just have drawn by crossing the point of 6.5 cm and then drawing an up curve on the end of the line.

After doing this, connect the lines with 13 cm to make the lips’ shape. If you want to look perfection in these steps,.you may get assistance by the upper attached images.

The second step of realistic lips drawing.

After the first step, here comes the second step. Draw another small v shape below the first v shape you have drawn in the first step. Then make a small up curve attached to the bottom of the v shape. If you want this step to be perfect, then look at the picture which is given.

After this, draw a curvy line starting from the up curve and ending on the side of the line of 13 cm. do the same on the other side also.

Now draw a curved line just above 13 cm. if you don’t understand, look at the given picture. Then erase the extra lines.

The third step of realistic lips drawing.

Now it is time to draw the teeth. Draw two half box shapes in the space of the lips. And draw more half boxes smaller than two boxes you just have drawn. Also, draw small half boxes at the bottom of the space in the lips.

If you want this step to be perfect, then look at the picture which is given. Now colour the space, except the half boxes, black.

Realistic lips drawing

Now it is the time to make your lips a realistic touch. Color the areas where it is needed to be shade in the lips. And also leave the white area in the lips. Remember, it should be darker in the edges of the lips and the main points.

If you do not identify where to shade and where to leave, then take a look at the picture, which is given below. Lastly, add some small lines in the lips to make it more realistic. Now your drawing is ready to be presented.


This article will coach you on how to draw realistic lips drawing. This article contains easy tips and tricks to draw realistic lips. These tips and tricks are useful for you if you are drawing realistic lips. It will encourage you to draw more realistic lips.

If you draw this, you will draw more realistic lips on your own without any guidance.

Please look at the pictures given in this article while drawing so your drawing comes out great. This is really simple and amazing. You can also use the same techniques and strategies to draw the realistic eye drawings.

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