Mother’s day drawing| Unique Drawing Guidelines

This particular session of mother’s day drawing is specially dedicated to mother’s day. Today in this drawing session, we are going to make a beautiful and imaginative drawing of love between a mother and his daughter.

As you are familiar, drawing is the name of the art to express hidden feelings and love. By making drawings we can release our emotions and hidden feelings without making sense or speaking.

So this drawing is particularly dedicated to wishing your mother on his day. This drawing process is very simple but the result will be amazing and mind-blowing.

Required material for mother’s day drawing:

  • Drawing paper or you can also use simple paper for practicing.
  • A pencil with a bold peak for making outlines more obvious( usually we prefer to go with ultimate dark pencil due to their quality of the led).
  • Scale for having the perfect and accurate measurements.
  • Specifies color makers as per your preference.

Steps for mother’s day drawing:

Here are a few easy steps to make this unique and emotional drawing. Steps are handy and easy. Even kids can also draw this drawing.

Step 1 for mother’s day drawing:

Starting with begging lines. Draw two parallel lines opposite each other. The height of the 1st line will be 17.6cm. And the height of the 2nd line will be less than the 1st line. Recommended height of the 2nd line will be 9.7 cm. The distance between these 2 lines is 6.5 cm.

We will mark three small lines on the first line with the distance of 0cm, 2.5 cm and14.5 cm. On the other hand, we will also mark three lines on the other line having a specific distance of 0cm, 2.5cm, 4.6cm, and 9.4cm.

We will start the throughout drawing process. First of all, we will make the head portion of the mother’s side. For making the head portion we will sketch out an outline. Start with hairs. For hairs, we will draw a lot of curvy lines.

We will make them thicker and give them a blur. We will move a step ahead. Draw lips and eyelashes outlines. Then we will apply some stroke effects to these outlines and rub with tissue to make it clear and shiner.

We will move forward and will complete the process to make the dress of the mother. In order to make the frak of the mother first of all we will start from the starting point of our primary line.

From the marked point at 9.7cm, we will draw a big curve in a downward direction. We will complete our dres’ outline by making some curvy lines at the ending point of the dress.

Step 2 for mother’s day drawing:

Now it’s time to move for to make the dress and interaction between the daughter and mother. Here the first step we are going to take is to make the hands of the daughter and mother.

To draw the mother’s hand, take a start with the marked point of 9.5 cm and make two similar straight lines coming towards the daughter.

Then we will move to make the outline of the daughter. In this drawing session, the daughter is in the sitting position. To make the outline, take a start with the outer line from the marked point of 2.5. Make a straight curve coming downward.

Then we will complete the outline of the girl’s body outline. You can also get easy inspiration from the below-attached images.

Step 3 for mother’s day drawing:

Our sketching phase has completed now. Make some apparent shapes to cover the whole outline of clothes with amazing design. You can also go with some heart shapes designs to have an amazing look in your drawing.

For coloring, we will go for red and black. But as per your preference, the purple and white colors will also shine bright and clear and will put a new life to your drawing.

Our drawing session has completed now. You can also get proper guidance from the given images. Hope this drawing session has been the easiest for you.

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