Kitten in the cup | 2021 easiest and amazing guide


Kitten in the cup, you are scheduling to draw, but you cannot illustrate it. Don’t be dishearten. We are here for you to express to you how to draw it. This article holds notable tips and tricks to draw it. These tips will guide you through drawing it professionally without any mess.

We will express to you how to draw it stair by stair so it will be comprehensible to draw it. Every step is explained intensely.  This drawing will pick up your drawing ability. Further, you draw more. Your drawing will be just all right. So let’s get it started.

Desired things to draw a kitten in the cup:

Kitten in the cup

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • Blending stump (you can also use cotton buds or paintbrush).

·      1st step:

First of all, draw a straight line of 8.3 cm long also draw another line of 3.5 cm with the distance, between the 1st straight line and the 2nd straight, of 5.5 cm. Do it, as shown in the picture.

Now connect the edges of these lines by using curvy lines. Then draw a curved line just below the line of 8.3 cm and draw another curved line below the line of 3.5 cm. after this, erase the straight lines. Do it, as shown in the picture.

·      2nd step:

The 2nd step to draw kitten in the cup is to draw a straight line of 12 cm long on a little lower side in the middle of the cup. Now draw curvy lines starts from the edges of the line of 12 cm and ends on the curvy lines, which you had first drawn middle part. Do it, as shown in the picture.

Draw a straight line below the bottom side of the cup and then connect the lines. After this, draw the small line below the straight line you just have drawn and attach the curvy lines’ sides with this line by drawing crooked lines. Erase the extra lines. Draw small crooked lines in the bottom of the cup and draw the handle on the cup’s right side. Do it, as shown in the picture.

·      3rd step:

Draw a small curved line, which starts from the upper side of the cup, and draw 3 tiny up curve lines that start from the right edge of the previous up curve. Then draw another curvy line that starts from the right edge of the last up curve and ends on the upper part of the cup to make the kitten’s paw. Do it, as shown in the picture.

Draw one more paw on the left side. Now draw a crooked line of 4.6 cm on the left side of the 1st paw. After this draw, a tiny curve on the line’s left bottom side also draws another tiny curve on the right side. Then draw the nose. Draw a v shape above from the nose and draw eye shape on both sides. Also, draw eyeballs. Do it, as shown in the picture.

·      4th step:

The last step to draw the kitten in the cup is to draw 2 triangles with a distance on the top of the eyes to make the ears also draw the body by using small zigzag lines to show the fluffiness. Do it, as shown in the picture. At last, color the eyes and areas where it is needed. Shade the required areas and also use a blending stump to help you blend it easily. Do it, as shown in the picture.


With these 4 easiest steps, you can easily get your desired drawing. IT can be very useful for beginners. It is for every type of artist who wants to draw such a cute drawing.

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