How To Draw The Birds Coming Out Of The Cage | 3 amazing and easiest steps

How to draw the birds coming out of the cage?

You are planning to draw the birds coming out of the cage. Don’t be concerned. We are here for your help. This article encloses fantastic tips to draw birds coming out of the cage.

We will tutor you on how to draw this step by step to be straightforward for you to draw. Every step is clarified very deeply.  This drawing will progress your drawing ability as more you draw more; your drawing will be faultless. So let’s dig into it.

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How to draw the birds coming out of the cage

Desired things:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Tissue paper

·     First step:

The first step to draw the birds coming out of the cage is: draw a wavy line coming from the top and side of the page.  Draw another wavy line just below the line you have drawn. Note the second wavy line should be bigger than the first wavy line.

These lines draw a v shape to make a branch of the tree, as shown in the picture. Draw more small wavy lines to make branches more beautiful. Now draw another line just below the two lines you have drawn. Then add some more small lines to make another branch of the tree (look at the picture). After this, draw small leaves on the tree.

·     Second step:

It is the second step of this drawing. Now draw a 9 cm line below the second line you draw to make the first branch.  Mark four points on the line of 9 cm. First 5.6 cm, second 6.4 cm, third 7.1 cm, and forth 8.1 cm. now make a small circle above the first mark. Then stretch the 2nd mark up to 2 cm, the third mark up to 3.2 cm, and the fourth mark up to 2.6 cm. after this, draw another straight line at the end of the line, of 9 cm, of 2.1 cm. as shown.

Now make the cage by drawing a line starting from the circle and ending on the last line of 2.1 cm. then draw small vertical lines to make it look like a cage if you don’t understand what to do. They look at the picture that is given below.  After this, draw a small door of the cage by making a small box and drawing small vertical lines.

·     Third step:

How to draw the birds coming out of the cage


It is the last or third step of this drawing. Now make small of 4 to 5 birds, any bird you can draw. Then take a circle of any paper and take small pieces of the lead of the pencil. After this, take a tissue paper and press it on the pencil’s lead’s small pieces.

And put the paper circle on the little side of the cage. Then color with the tissue paper around the circle, remember. Don’t color it too dark. After this color, the birds and tree black. High light the lines of the cage, as shown in the picture. Now your drawing is ready to be shown. If your drawing has any fault, then reread the article and check the pictures out.


This article will instruct you on how to draw the birds coming out of the cage. This article is consisting of useful tips to draw the birds coming out of the cage.

This drawing will cheer you to draw more like this one. If you draw the birds coming out of the cage, you will draw more drawings like this one on your own without any assistance. Remember to look at the pictures set in this article while drawing so your drawing comes out faultless. It is the easiest way to draw this type of picture.

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