How To Draw Little Dragon| 3 Fast Drawing Steps For Kide

How to draw little dragon:

So, here comes our next article on the topic of ” how to draw little dragon.”

For kids, it’s quite challenging to draw litlle dragon without having a guideline. And our mission is to help you guys to make your imagination into your drawing paper.

In this article, we will give you complete guidelines to draw a cute little dragon.

Steps for how to draw little dragon:

Without wasting further time, let’s straight jump into the steps.

 Step No. 1: drawing the head of our dragon

Start with drawing the head of our cute little buddy. For this, we are going to make a curvy oval shape which becomes the head.

Make sure to draw it like you see your dragon from the side.

It’s better to use your imagination and draw the head shape as you want it to be.

Next, you have to draw a small little worm-like line slightly away from the oval shape center—this little worm-like as it becomes the eye of our buddy.

Next, you have to draw a dot on the lower, and near the curvy oval shape line, so it appears like a nose.

Draw all these as you like.

Then draw two curved triangles above the dragon’s head and add a little line beneath the second triangle to show our dragon has an ear.

Make sure the first triangle is shorter, which provides the illusion that the first ear is away from the second one. Hence, it looks more natural.

Step No. 2: Drawing the body of our dragon

For making the body of our little but cute dragon, you need to draw a small line beneath the head of our dragon from the center. This line appears to be the neck of our dragon.

Then right below from the line, which will appear, took our dragon’s neck-circle more roughly like a three-year-old child drawing. It will eventually become the stomach of our dragon.

After this, you have to draw a big “v” shape in a way that its closed or pointed edge appears to become the tail of our dragon.

Likewise, draw a long horizontal line, and then where it ends, draw a vertical line thatjoins the triangle of the head.

Then from the center of the tge body, drsimilararallel rough rectangular spes become the legs. And erase the lines of the stomach which comes inside the legs of the dragon.

Again draw two more legs that appear to on the backside just right where we started to remove the first two legs; thostwo bbackingsshould ends.

Then, draw a small diagonal line starting from the second leg drawn at first and continues this line where it goes in the straight path until it reaches the line that we drew before.

From the neck, draw horizontal lines on some space to show scales on our dragon.

Step No. 3: drawing of wings

Above the stomach, draw a vertical line t continues it with a horizontal line. After that, you have to bring it down so that it becomes a bumpy road type thing.

Draw the same vertical and horizontal lines starting from whthetheour dragons. Join the horizontal line of the 2nd wing with the first one.

Then, on the first wing, where we make the bumpy road like thing, you have to draw horizontal lines where the bumps appear. Ten draw the same horizontal plus vertical line as you have done before while drawing the wings, but you have to join the lines also from the bumps.

That’s it for this article. Follow these steps to make your cute little dragon. Hope this article about how to draw little dragon will help you a lot to understand the easiest steps and basics of drawing process. You can easily draw such amazing drawings together your kids and family. These types of drawing activities will also develop new creative sills In your kids.

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