How To Choose drawing pencil in 2021

How To Choose drawing pencil in 2021: Actually a lot of drawing specialists think that drawing is a skill. But your efforts and practices can polish your skills. There are numerous facts and conditions that show direct links to your drawing process. The most important condition to start the drawing process is to know about how to choose a pencil for drawing.

As if you are going to take a first step in the drawing process. Then your first priority will be to choose a healthier material. That will not disturb your drawing process.

For example: let suppose that if you pick up a pencil having hard graphite led. What do you think that your drawing process is going to be easy and tough?

According to our suggestions the pencil with very soft and hard led pencils are not suitable for the drawing process.

If you are newbies in the field of drawing and wanna learn some amazing drawing techniques. Then we have come up with 6 amazing and healthier techniques to polish your drawing process.

These techniques are not just simple and basic but are handy. And can play a vital role in the engagement of your drawing process.

Here we are going to expose 6 conditions that may show greater effects to your drawing. No matter if you are experienced in your drawing process or going to take up your first step.

Conditions to pick up a good pencil:

Never narrow down your choices while picking a pencil. There is a greater range of pencils that depend upon the smoothness and roughness of your lines.

Things to know about wooden drawing pencils:

Selection of wooden pencils: wooden pencils have always been a priority of numerous drawing’s beginners and specialists. There are numerous benefits of using wooden pencils. Below we are going to mention some of them.

  • You may easily sharpen it as per your drawing requirements.
  • If you are going to draw thinner lines you can easily sharpen the led of your pencil. For thicker lines the tip of your pencil should be sharpened about 0.03 millimetres.
  • To draw ordinary sketches the thickness of your lean pencils should be around about 0.05 millimetres.
  • Wooden pencils are suitable for rough, smooth and consistent lines.

Suggestions to choose high quality pencils.

Neverdepend upon just a variety of led pencils. We already know that drawing is a name of creativity, imaginations and thoughts. You will draw a variety of lines to complete your sketching process.

  1. To draw solid, thicker and consistent lines. Pencils with H- grades should be first in your priority list.
  2. If you are going to make shadow’s like structures and for smudging and smoothing purposes. Then a pencil with B- grade will be a suitable and a genius choice.
  3. If you want to have a technical look in your drawing, then mechanical pencils will be a more perfect choice. Technical pencils are more suitable to draw linear lines.
  4. If you really want to have grey smudges in your drawing sections , then charcoal( graphite)pencils are suitable. These types of pencils unlike regular carbon pencils are more helpful for heavy and dark pencils.
  5. To show smooth black lines in your drawing. Specialist’s suggestions always have been with carbon pencils. They are helpful for getting dark black and perfect thicker lines that we can get with ordinary led pencils.
  6. In case, if you are going to give a greasy look to your drawing. Use grease pencils. Then pencils are perfect if you are going to draw some metalic surfaces as gold and silver look. These pencils are going to be a wiser choice.


Hope this drawing session has been a good time for you to learn about drawing basics. Picking up the right pencils have been a tough period for beginners. They feel more anxiety while picking up a right pencil.

The moderate range of graphite pencil for drawing is HB range. This come range comes in the central point between soft and harder.

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