Hidden Face Drawing| 4 Basics Drawing Steps For Kids

Hidden face drawing of a girl, you crave to draw but don’t know how to draw it. Don’t be upset we are here for your help. This article holds significant tips and tricks to draw it. These tips will pilot you to draw it professionally without any chaos. We will mentor you how to draw it step by step so it will be graspable for you to draw it.

Every step is explained intensely. This drawing will elevate up your drawing ability as more you draw more your drawing will be just right. So let’s get it started.

Desired things to draw a girl with hidden face:

Hard white paper specially specified for drawing purpose:

Pencil( with solid or hard tips)

Eraser( to remove basic errors)

Scale( for basic measurements)

Blending stump (you can also use cotton buds or paint brush).

1st step of hidden face drawing:

The first step to draw a girl with hidden face is to draw a rectangle of length of 10 cm and width of 6.3 cm. then draw a vertical straight line of 16 cm which passes through t the centre of the rectangle. Do it as show in the picture. Also draw horizontal line of length of 3.1 cm on the left side of the line with the distance between the top line of the rectangle and this line of 5.5 cm. then draw the 2 vertical lines on the top of the line of 3.1 cm. Do it as show in the picture.

2nd step of hidden face drawing:


Now draw the curved fingers on the top of these lines. After this draw 2 horizontal curve lines below the hand and connect the ends. Stretch the right end with the curvy line up to the line of 3.1 cm and left end a little above the 3.1 cm line. Do it as show in the picture. Draw a curvy line which starts from the left corner of the rectangle and attach it with left curve line. Erase the extra lines. Do it as show in the picture.

3rd step of hidden face drawing:

Now draw the crooked line starts from the 2nd horizontal line below the hand and ends on the fingers. Stretch this line horizontally and then draw vertical curvy line from this line. Also draw curvy line below the elbow. Do it as show in the picture. Then draw a triangle horizontal line you just had drawn. Draw half circles on the both sides to draw the ears. Erase the extra lines. Draw 2 small circles in the triangle to make the eyes. And also draw a little bigger circle, than the eyes, and draw a small circle inside it and draw small up curves attach to each other below the small circle. Do it as show in the picture.

4th step of hidden face drawing:

After this draw half face and hair below the cap and erase the extra lines. Now draw another curvy line below the elbow with distance from the first line. And draw other crooked hand in the bottom side and also draw the sleeve Do it as show in the picture. Erase the extra lines and draw the details. At last color and shade the areas where it is needed and don’t forget to use blending stump while shading. Do it as show in the picture.


This article will mentor you how to draw girl with hidden hat. This article is full with practical tricks and tips to draw it. This drawing will supply courage to you to draw more drawings like this one. If you draw this drawing you would be talented enough to draw more drawings in your own without any consultant. In case you can’t make out any step then examine the pictures that are set in this article, so your drawing comes out best.

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