Girl In The Broken Mirror| 5 Steps Imaginary Drawing

Girl in the broken mirror

You are willing to draw a girl in the broken mirror, but you don’t know how to draw it. Don’t worry. We are here for you to teach you to how to draw it. This article encloses wonderful tips and tricks to draw it. These tips will help you to draw it very easily with no trouble.

We will teach you how to sketch it step by step to be uncomplicated for you to draw. Each step is explained very deeply.  This drawing will raise your drawing ability as the more you draw more, and your drawing will be best. So let’s dig into it.

Preferred things:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • Blending stump ( you can also use a paintbrush and cotton buds)
  • White gel pen

·      1st step to draw a girl in the broken mirror:

First of all, draw a crooked line of 12.2 cm in the middle of the page. Draw another crooked line of 10.5 cm on the first crooked line with a distance of 3.2 cm on the top side.

Then draw a mark with the distance from the second crooked line of 3.7 cm of the length of 2 cm. after this, draw another mark just below the first mark with a distance of 1.7 cm and 4cm. Look at the picture that is given below.

·      2nd step:

Draw a small down curve, and just below it draws a small up curve, then connect the lines to make the eye’s shape on the 2nd crooked line. Then draw a tiny circle in the eye.

Draw another circle, bigger than the first one, outside the tiny circle to make the eyeball. Now drawdown a curve on the top of the first down curve and up curve just below the first up curve (see in the picture).

·      3rd step:

The third step to draw a girl in the broken mirror is given below.

Now draw nostrils on the first mark. Now draw curved lines on both sides of the nostrils to make the nose. Then draw a tiny down curve and stretch its edges with curvy lines on the second mark. Draw a curved line below the tiny down curve and attach it with the tiny down curve.

After this, draw a v shape on the top of the tiny down curve and connect the lines to make the upper lip. Draw a curvy line and connect the lines to make the lower lip. Now draw half two teeth in the space of the lips.

Now draw the face shape from the edge of the first crooked line. Draw a curved line on the left side of the eye to make the hair. Draw the eyebrow on the top of the eye and erase the extra line. Look at the picture given below.

·      4th step:

Girl In The Broken Mirror

Now draw the broken pieces of mirror on the face, do it as shown in the picture. And color the important lines a little darker—Color the nostrils and space in the lips. Then color the eyeball and leave the lower part of the eyeball white.

Also, use a blending stump to blend. Now draw 2 small dots and small lines in the eye by using a white gel pen. Also, use a white gel pen on the lips and teeth.

Color the eyebrow and draw eyelashes. Draw small lines in the eyebrow to make it look more realistic. Now color the hair and draw lines in the hair.

Finally, shade the areas where it is necessary, and don’t forget to leave white areas; use a blending stump to help you blend it easily. In case you don’t understand where to shade and where to leave, then look at the picture given below.


This article will educate you on how to draw girls in the broken mirror. This article contains useful tips to draw it. This drawing will give confidence to you to draw more drawings linked to this one.

If you draw this drawing, you will be talented at drawing more drawings on your own without any instructor. In case you don’t recognize any step, then check the pictures set in this article, so your drawing comes out great.


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