Giraffe Drawing Hacks| 5 Easy Drawing Tips For Beginners

Easy Giraffe Drawing hacks: This particular session is going to teach you about the basics of drawing. For the basic training purpose, we will draw a giraffe as a sample. Steps are basics and kids can easily follow these steps.

Required material to learn for giraffe drawing hacks

  • A little bit of hard paper, specified for drawing.
  • Canvas or hardboard for drawing.
  • Drawing pencils( with hard tips)
  • Essential colors (yellow, black, green, and brown)

Step 1 of giraffe drawing hacks:

First of all, manage all the essentials required things. Before to start just imagine your destination drawing image, what you want to draw.

Just take up a start of the drawing process using a drawing pencil( Prisma black marker). Draw an oval shape that will represent the lower part of the face.

Then by marking points at the edges of an oval, make curve lines that are going upward, and will join together at the center point. Now we have got an outline of the face. You can also have assistance from the image.

Step 2 of giraffe drawing hacks:

Now moving to the second step of the drawing, first, we will move for the eyes. Make twice circular shapes specified to highlight the lens shapes. At the bottom point of the eye, you will need to draw a curve. In the circular shape, start making shades.

First and foremost make a rectangular pattern inside the circle. Then inside this rectangular pattern, give black shades to the upper portion of that pattern. A shining area will appear, that will represent the lens of the eyes.

Now we will make unique and stylish eyelashes on the edges of sockets of the eyes. We are going to use curve structures to draw eyelashes. It is time to create the eyelashes on the edges of the eye sockets. Use curvature structures for eyelashes.

To offer the eyes wonderful eyebrows, draw three bends to the edges of each eye concealer.

To the nasal area of the giraffe, draw two ovals side by side. These ovals show as the nostrils. Below the nostrils, draw a curve for the smile of a giraffe. Look at the given picture above.

To the laryngeal region of the giraffe, we will combine two different ovals’ shapes next to each other. These oval shapes will display as the nasal passages. Just below nasal passages, catch a curve for the giggle of a giraffe.

3rd step of giraffe drawing hacks:

In the third step with giraffe drawing, let’s switch to draw the upper edge. At the starting point, draw the earlobes. From the top of the skull, draw two bends. Join such bends at a center point(center of the skull and jaws). The external boundary of the ear seems to be perfect. To display the internal organs, draw yet another slope to the inner surface.

Now we will derive the two resemblances and stepped horns outlines on the open cores between two breaths of air. Sketch two tiny and simultaneous lines. Map a sphere to the later part of both parallel lines. Use the same approach to sketch out the other horns.

Step 4 of giraffe drawing hacks:

Now let us pass the next headway and draw the layout of the body. First of all, sketch out two consecutive and spontaneous lines to illustrate the neck. At the end of these lines interact two curves. These curvature lines will represent the outline of the body. 

Now we will shift up to sketch out the legs of the giraffe. These legs will be literally attached with the curved lines of the body with a gap of 1.1 cm. NOw as the need for drawing we will draw two straight lines with a length of 5.5cm moving downwards.

We have to just focus on the back legs of the giraffe. But we have to just make the back legs apparent. The next step will be to make the tail of the giraffe. We will use two similar curvature lines with a length of 9.5cm. At the covering up point of the tail, we will draw some hair curvy outlines.

Our back body outline has completed. We will make different heart shapes on the complete body. After that draw some circular and oval shapes at the different parts of the body.

Step 4 of giraffe drawing hacks:

Now we will move to the surface and will make the grass ground. Sketch out some curvy lines to show up the grassy structures. Then we will make some oval shapes besides the grass to show the stones. Now the complete giraffe drawing outline is completed. You have to just color as per your choice.

But we are adding yellow textures to the whole body. And also black colors to the circular and ovals shapes that we have made on the upper surface of the body. The green color goes for grass and the brown color for the stone.

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