Earphones in the hands| 4 easiest and amazing steps

Earphones in the hands you want to draw. But you can’t sketch it, don’t be bothered we are here for your assistance. In this article, we will teach how to draw it. We will share some helpful tricks so that you can sketch it very easily.

We will discuss how to draw it very deeply, so it will draw it with no trouble. It will also improve your drawing ability because the more you draw, the more your drawing ability will improve. Now if you are ready so let’s get it started.

Essential things:

  • Pencil
  • White paper
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • Blending stump( you can also use cotton buds)

These are all about the required things to make this drawing.

·      1st step to draw earphones in hand:

The first thing to draw is to draw a straight line of 8.2 cm in the bottom of the page. Then draw a box of upper width of 4.8 cm and lower width of 6.5 cm as shown in the picture. Now draw a line in the box of the width of 3.6 cm. after this, draw a horizontal line in the box and do it as in the picture. Now draw a v shape on the side of the box.

·      2nd step to draw earphones in hand:

Now draw a curve line in the first box of the left side. Then draw another curved line starting from the first curve passing from the gearbox to make the thumb. And now draw a crooked small line starting from the second curve which ends on the lower box’s side do it as shown in the picture.

After this draw the horizontal line in the right first box. Draw a little curve just below the horizontal line. Now draw a crooked line that starts from the little curve and ends on the thumb’s side.

·      3rd step to draw earphones in hand:

Now draw a curve line beside the horizontal line and connect it to the bottom box. Then draw a tiny crooked line in the corner of the bottom box. Draw a small down curve starts from the small crooked line below and ends outside the box (see in the picture). Now connect the lines to make it look like a hand. Erase the extra lines.

·      4th step to draw earphones in the  hands:

Earphones in the hands

Now make the half box on the finger and thumb to make the nails. Then draw another v shape just below the first v shape. After this draw a small curve line which starts from the edge of the first v shape and connects it with 2nd v shape edge to make earphones.

Now draw two curve lines in the upper part of the earphone. Do as it is on the other side. After this draw small lines close to each other and end in the thumb and stretch them up to the end of the hand to make the wire (see in the picture).

Now color the holes of the earphones black and also enhance the hand by using a blending stump. Do it as it is as shown in the picture.


In this article, we teach you how to draw earphones in the hands. This article consists of useful tricks to draw it. These tricks will be very obliging for you if you are drawing this. It will help you out in many drawings related to the curved hand. If you don’t understand any part, check the pictures given in this article. These pictures will help you if you are having any trouble to draw this drawing, so it is essential to look at the pictures while drawing.

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