Doraemon Easy Drawing| Learn 3 New Drawing Skills

Doraemon easy drawing: Hey! We are here for you with the new and emerging drawing ideas. Today this particular session of drawing is purely specified for the kid’s favorite character.

In this particular session of drawing, we will draw Doraemon. Steps are really very easy and the material used throughout the whole drawing process is easily accessible for all the age kids.

Kids will feel free to draw after understanding the basics of drawing, which we are going to reveal in this article.

Required material for Doraemon easy drawing: 

Doraemon easy drawing

Here is the desired material that you will need to draw this eye-catching drawing. Kids can easily handle the material and go ahead with the process.

  • Drawing marker with bold tip( beginners can also use the simple led pencil( DOMS) if they fail to find the suitable drawing marker with specific need).
  • Geometric instruments( scale’ D- shapes) for having perfection in our desired drawing.
  • Colored makers( we will use light blue, grey, black and white colors. You can also go with as per your color choice).
  • Hard board( as a tool on which you will perform all of your drawing processes).

Step 1 to make Doraemon easy drawing:

First of all, we will start the drawing process by making two holes with an equal radius of 2.5cm. These two circles are particularly assigned to make the eyes outline of the Doraemon. Then draw two smaller circles with a radius of 1.5cm to make the lens. Color the first circle with the white color. Black color will go for the inside smaller color.

Then we will move to make the nose of Doraemon. To make the nose draw an oval shape. On the tips of oval shape make a little circle and color it with the pure white color.

After that, we will have a step forward and will make the match outline of the Doraemon. On the upper side of the nose, draw three curves on the left side, the same three curves on the right side.

Now our half-face sketch is ready. To make the mouth inner surface of Doraemon draw a bigger circle. Then make an oval shape in the center but the deep inner side of that circle. Stroke it with red color.

Step 2 to make Doraemon easy drawing:

The upper portion of the face has completed. Take a step forward and go to make the belly outline. Draw two bigger oval shapes with a curvy surface. Sketch the outline of a right hand that is in a standing position.

Then move for the left arm which is in a downward position. After completing the belly position, make a purse outline that is hanging right in the center of the belly surface.

After that, we will turn to make the lower portion. First of all, we will draw legs by drawing two linear lines having little bends. Then we will draw the shoes of our aimed character. You can also get assistance by having a look at the attached images.

Step 3 for Doraemon drawing:

Now our coloring session will start. For the nose, we will fill the red color. But in the center to the nose, in the marked circular point, we will fill white color.

The next turn is to color the mouth position. Fill red color to the outer surface of the mouth. And to cover the tongue, we will use the red color. So a shiny look will appear on the tongue.

Fill white color in the shoes of Doraemon.  Fill the outer body with the light blue color with the mixing of white color.  A unique drawing of our cutest Doraemon is complete now.

You can also follow the same steps with the same strategy to ensure neat and clean results. Hope you will like our drawing session. We will come up with new drawing sessions.

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