Deku Midoriya Drawing| 3 Steps Drawing Session For Kids

Deku Midoriya drawing tutorial: We are here with another amazing session of drawing. This drawing session will revolve around the drawing of a cartoon character Deku Midoriya. Kids always love to see their favorite character and drawing is the easiest way to show their love for their favorite characters. Hope this drawing session is going the easiest and amazing session and your kids will love to draw it.

Basic and essential tools required for Deku Midoriya Drawing:


Tools we used for this whole process are easily accessible and kids can also handle these tools very easily and in effective manners. We also mention here some alternatives to handle it more effectively. Below we are going to explore the whole list of some hidden and commonly used materials for drawing:

  • First and most essential materials drawing paper. You may also use simple paper with a hard surface.
  • Hardboard with a flat surface.
  • Color markers for( we will go for red, black, and olive green).
  • Soft rubber to erase any sudden mistakes.

Easy steps to make Deku Midoriya drawing:

The steps defined in this article are really very easy and easy to understand for both experts and beginners.

Step 1 for Deku Midoriya drawing:

First of all, start the process by sketching the outline of the face. We are going to use a led pencil for sketching or outlining. For the face outlining we will start by drawing an elepticle curve with a flat surface. Draw two oval shapes smaller in the size, inside the bigger curve, specified to show the outline of the eye.

Make an outline to show the lenses, by making oval shapes with a radius of 1.5cm. After finishing the outlining of lenses, draw two circular shapes to the inner side of those lenses. Fill the black color in the outer layer of an eye. White color for the empty surface between the 1st and 3rd layer. To give a shiny look to the lens, through white color to the inner side of the oval shape and black color to the highlighted curve we draw for outlining of that lense.

Step 2 for Deku Midoriya drawing:

Now we will go deeper into the drawing process. We will finish our face drawing phase. To show off the smile on the face of our cartoon character, point out three dots with a distance of 0.3cm. Join these three dots with the smooth curvy line.

Now we will move to draw the ear section of our hero. First of all, make an outline by using three curvy lines. Then we will double these curvy lines with smaller curves. Inner side to these curves, fill brown color.

Moving forward to make the hairs of our favorite character. On the forehead, you will observe some hairs. To draw such hairs, we have used lines having zig-zag motion. Start from one ear to the ending point of the other ear.

Now around the neck, we will draw a unique and beautiful collar. First of all, make two or three curved lines around the neck section. Now join these curved lines with some straight lines. Then take a step forward and draw some receptacle ovals around the shoulders and neck.

Draw the belly section of our drawing character. To make it, draw two similar straight lines in the vertical position with a height of 4.6cm. End up these straight lines with the horizontal lines.

To make the belt, draw two similar curvy lines. To make the buckle of the belt draw a square shape. Inside this square shape draw a rectangular shaper using curvy lines.

To make the leg portion, use parallel lines with a height of 4.3cm to the downward position.

Step 3 for Deku Midoriya drawing:

We will continue our drawing process and will give the final touch to our drawing by outlining the arms. To make the arm section, use two parallel curve lines in the straight forward position. Try with the same lines for the other hand portion. The hands are in the closed position. To make the hands you can get basic guidelines from the above-attached image.

Now our drawing session has ended with amazing results in the form of drawing of the kid’s favorite character. Try to follow the above-mentioned guidelines to learn the drawing process fast and effectively in a short period of time.

Stay tuned with us to learn more about other drawing tutorials. We will come up with different amazing and innovative ideas.

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