Curvy Lines Drawing| 8 Steps Drawing Idea’s

Curvy Lines Drawing

This article is for drawing lovers. In today’s world, many children have the ability to draw such beautiful drawings.

Drawing has an ability to convert imaginary thoughts to the visual forms. One can easily achieve a visualize form of his thoughts and expectations.

We will draw a girl with beautiful hair with curvy lines drawing. We will teach you how to draw and share some tips to draw a girl with beautiful hair.

Thesetips will also handy to draw the hairs during the process of realistic girl drawing . So let’s get it started.

Basic requirements for this drawing:

  • White paper( you may use a plan and an ordinary paper that is suitable for graphite marks).
  • Pencil( led pencil with HB will be a better choice)
  • Eraser( to remove unexpected mistakes)
  • Scale( for getting adequate measurements).
  • Blending stump (there is another option for paintbrush or cotton buds)

Curvy Lines Drawing Step 1

From the start corner of the paged. First we will draw a flower. Then draw a zig-zag line from the side of the flower .

Now draw small curvy lines drawing on zig-zag lines both on top and bottom (shown in the picture). When you will do this, it will look like a braid.

After drawing the braid and flower.It’s time to draw the head and some of the hair. Draw the line at the top of the braid and connect them to the flower (shown in the picture).

Remember, it should be nicely and softly done having smooth edges.Then draw a smooth curvy line drawing started from the end of the braid.

After this draw another curvy line, just like you have done before, besides the first curvy line.

It’s time to draw the face. By using an oval shape we will pretend to draw a face like shape.

Then draw a line draw a straight line between the two curvy lines that we already have drawn.

Now draw a small dot on the first line.And draw a small tiny, curvy line just below that dot.

Curvy Lines Drawing Step 2

Now we will draw the eyes portion. Draw a teeny tiny line on the line you have already drawn between the two curvy lines.

Now stretch that teeny tiny line to make it look like the closed eye (as shown in the picture).After this, draw another curly line to make the eyelid.

Then draw the eyebrows just above to the eyes.After this, draw little curvy lines just below the eye to make eyelashes.

Make sure in which direction you are going to draw eyelashes (please see in the picture given below).

By proceeding a head to the next section. We will draw the nose and lips. Now stretch the dot you have just drawn before in the third step to make it a very tiny half-circle.

Stretch that tiny circle and draw half sided circle on both sides (see in the picture). If you want to make it perfect, then first check the above attached picture.

It’s time to stretch the edges of a little curvy line you have drawn before in the third step into a straight line. Now let’s make another curvy line to make the lower lip.

Curvy lines drawing step 3

Then make a shape very similar to the V and stretch the edges of the V to make the upper lip. Now erase the line you have drawn in the third step. Is it looks fine?

Now let’s complete the hair. Draw curvy lines starting from the flower. Now draw a connection between these lines as you make it in the 2nd step.

Draw other curvy lines starting from the middle of the braid. Connect this line with the line you drawn in the second step (see in the picture).

Now draw a curvy line starting from the end of the braid. Then draw two curvy lines from the little below of cheeks of the  girl. You can draw random curvy lines if you want to make your hair more beautiful.

Now make the half body. Draw a big v shape between the bottoms of the hair. Then draw line beside the hair to make shoulder (look at the picture).

Do some on the other side. Remember, draw the line straight from the edge of the v shape.

Curvy Lines Drawing Step 4

Curvy Lines Drawing

Now it is the last step. Shade the areas where shading is needed. Remember to leave white spaces. It will make your drawing more realistic if you don’t know where to shade

And not just look in the picture. Don’t forget to blend with a blending stump, or you can also use a paintbrush or cotton buds.


In this article, we teach you how to draw a girl with beautiful hair using curvy lines.

Please check the pictures that are given in this article if you want your drawing to be perfect.

Actually the defined process was short enough to give you some clues about the complete drawing process.

Adopt the similar steps to make it more realistic as you can face in the upper attached images.

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