Closed Eyes Drawing | 2021 amazing and easiest guide

Closed eyes, how to draw it?

You are keen to draw closed eyes, but you don’t know how to draw it. Don’t be bothered we are here for you to tutor you to how to draw it. This article contains magnificent tips and tricks to draw it. These tips and tricks will help you to draw it effortlessly with no trouble.

We will instruct you how to draw it step by step to be trouble-free for you to draw. All steps are explained deeply.  This drawing will lift your drawing skills as more you draw more your drawing will be finest. So let’s get it started.

Necessary things:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scale
  • Blending stump (you can use a paintbrush or cotton buds instead of blending stump)

·      1st step to draw closed eyes:

The first thing to do is draw a horizontal 16 cm long line in the middle of the page. Then mark a point of 6.5 cm and mark another point of 9.5 cm. after this stretch, these mark vertically.

Now draw a small line on the top and at a distance from the edge of the right side of the horizontal line. Also, draw the same line on the top and at a distance from the edge of the horizontal line’s left side. Check the picture out that is given below.

·      2nd step:

Now draw a crooked line that starts from the 2nd mark point and ends on the top of the small line on the horizontal stripe’s right area. Then stretch this line to the end of the horizontal line. After this draw the same shape on little above from the first shape and connect the lines to make the eyebrow.

Do the same on the other side. Draw a tiny right-sided crooked line on the right mark and tiny left-sided crooked line on the left mark. Now draw curved line starts from the end of the eyebrow and end on the tiny crooked line, do it on both sides. Now erase the extra lines. Look at the picture that is given below.

·      3rd step:

After the first two steps here is the third step. Now draw the same shape of the eye just above the eye and color it, do it on both sides. Draw small lines below the eye to make the eyelashes.

Note: draw as many lines as you can it will give your eyelashes a wonderful look and look at the picture given below so you get to know in which direction you should draw the eyelashes. Then draw small lines in the eyebrow and be careful in which direction you draw the lines.

·      4th step:

Closed Eyes

After this shade, the upper parts of the eye in the curve form and shade the area where the eyebrow starts vertically. Now take a blending stump, use a paintbrush or cotton buds instead of blending stump, and blend your shade areas.

Remember the edges of the eyes should be darker. Take a look in the picture that is given below. Finally, your drawing is ready to be presented.


This article will teach you how to draw these eyes. This article will teach the beginners, who can’t draw the eyes and draw closed eyes. This article includes functional tips to draw it. This drawing will give self-belief to you to draw more drawings associated with this one.

If you draw this drawing, you will be capable of drawing more drawings on your own without any trainer. In case you don’t make out any step, check the pictures out given in this article, so your drawing comes out flawless.

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