Cat With Butterfly Drawing| Easy Steps Drawing Hacks

This particular session of easy cat with butterfly drawing is specially specified to represent the love with nature. A drawing is actually a sign to show emotions or feelings. Through this drawing we are going to represent a relation between a cat and a butterfly. This particular session is specially assigned for the kids who are learning the basics of drawing or in the middle of their learning process. Steps are typical but after the little bit process you will be capable of drawing such a unique and easy drawings.

Required material for cat with butterfly drawing:

  • Hard paper of 21* 14.5cm size.
  • Pencil( Zoom ultimate dark pencil will be our priority due to its unique features).
  • Blending stump to blend the colours equally( as an alternative you can also go with cotton buds)
  • Soft but molded eraser.
  • Scale to make perfect measurements.

Easy steps to make cat with a butterfly drawing:

Here are some easy steps you can easily follow to approach this unique and stylish drawing. So let’s start the drawing process

Step 1 for cat with butterfly drawing:

First of all you have to arrange the required material. Take a hard paper(211*14.5cm). At the left side of that paper mark a vertical line of 9.5cm and a base line of 5cm. And will draw another line at the bottom of these lines. Then we have to make three curves by tracing the vertical lines.

The 1st curve will be little bit stronger and bigger, the 2nd one will be smoother and little to show the nose outline and the 3rd one will be a little bit greater then 2nd but smaller than the 1st one. Connect the last one curve with the base line towards the ending points of the page.

Now let’s move toward the nose portion of the cat. Make a sizzling line at the ending point of the 2nd curve. Bottom to this line we will make an oval shape to represent the nose shape.

After that we will move toward the ear portion. We will make two bigger curves at the upper position of the lines.

Step 3 for cat with butterfly drawing:

Now we are moving to draw the nose and machew on the cat face. First off all we will thicker the outline of the nose. Then we will try to give some blends to make the nose apparent. The we will again move to the ears of the cat.

At the inner portion of the ears we will give bit margin toward the lower side as well as start the process of blending.On the upper portion we will give soft blending but the at the lower portion we will increase the opacity of blending range.

To make the machew of the cat we will draw three lines in the left side and three lines on the right side. These lines should be a little bit curvy.

After completing the machew portion we will come towards the lips. First of all we will draw one big curve just lower to the machew. Another curved line just lower to the first line with the distance of 1.5cm. Same we will draw the double curves with the distance of 1cm. Then we will start the blending process to make the lips apparent.

Step 3 for cat with butterfly drawing:

Now it’s time to make the eyes of the cat. We will draw two big circles the distance of 3.5 cm. We will make an oval in the centre of circle to show the lense. In that oval on the upper side we will give some shades to give a light in the eyes.

After completing the eyes we will give some basic shades on the face of cat. These blended shades will represent the natural’s hairs on the face.

Step 4 for cat with butterfly drawing:

At the end of the completion of cat drawing, we are going to make the butterfly. First of all we will make a long cylendricel shape.

Then we will move to make the wings of the butterfly. To make the wings we will make 2 long epticle curve as well as 2 same epticle curves on the other hand.

Then we will move to make the machew of the butterfly. To make the machew, we will draw two epticle curves in opposite directions.

Than after, we will make some heart like shapes on the whole body of the butterfly. Now we will give some basic shades to these shades.

Now our easy cat with butterfly drawing has completed. You can also follow these easy steps to make such an imaginative drawing. Hope you will like the whole drawing process.

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