Anime Drawing Tutorial| Easy Drawing Steps

Are you excited to learn new and imaginative drawing skills? Come with us to attend a unique drawing session. Today we are here to guide you about some basics but creative basics to make any drawing. We have come up with an anime drawing for kids.

In this particular session of drawing, we are going to draw an anime girl by using our unique drawing strategies. The strategies and the ways we used to draw this are simple yet creative. Kids are going to fall in love with these simple and unique drawing strategies.

Basics requirements to continue this anime drawing process:


To tick mark the basic requirements is the demand of any process to continue. As we have promised that this drawing session will be simple and will also fill the basics of beginners. You can easily have access to material we used to cover up the whole session. Below is the list of complete safe to use and the most essential material to continue the drawing process.

  • Drawing paper( Usually we recommend to use the hard paper with the smooth and flat surface. But you can also use an ordinary paper as per the condition of availability).
  • Canvas or drawing board( no matter what type of material you are using to support the base. But make it sure that the surface is smooth.
  • Drawing led pencil with the harder and stronger led.(Ultimate Dark pencil will be a good option).
  • Colored pencils( blue, dark brown, black, grey, pink and light green)

Easy steps for anime drawing for kids:

We will try our best to provide you the comprehensive guidance about each step. Just make sure that you are fetching the details guidance carefully in order to get the desired results.

Step 1 for anime drawing for kids:

Let’s start the process by covering the basics and essential portions of our desired drawing. Take a start by outlining for eyes. Draw two middle size circles having the radius of 1.9cm each. We will make the lenses inside these circles to have a shiny look in the eyes. Fill the black color in the outer side and grey color to the inner side. On the upper side of the eyes we will draw the thicker eyelashes. You can use numerous thicker curvy lines in order to show the eyelashes.

Now we will draw a smile showing on the face of our anime girl. You can easily make this smile by just bending a line. Then we will turn to draw the hairs. To draw hairs we will outline the long strands that are falling just on the forehead portion of the anime girl. To have a zig-zag motion of hairs, we will turn these strands to in and out motion. Complete the face or upper section by making beautiful ears on the both sides.

Step 2 of anime drawing:

Then we will complete the body section of anime girl drawing. To make the neck section, we will sketch out two consecutive bended lines. To make the belly use two similar curves. At the ending of these curves, we will draw to similar size horizontal lines with little bend to show off the waste.

Now we will turn to make the arms. To draw it, we are going to use two bending lines. One is longer and the other one is little bit shorter. At the ending point of these lines draw the hands.

To make the skirt’s flare, we will draw numerous curvy lines in downward position. Draw some basics and imaginative shapes on the flare.

Then come to draw the shoes. You can have guidance from the feature image to get an idea to draw shoes.

Step 3 of anime drawing.

For coloring we will use the grey and light green color for wings. To demonstrate the shoes we are going to use grey color with the mix-up of white and black designed shapes. For front hairs, we will use grey and for rear hairs we will use black color.

If you will follow these steps intensively and eagerly, you will get the huge and attractive results.

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