A Waterfall Landscape 2021 | best and easiest way to draw

A waterfall landscape, Let’s see how to make it.. Don’t be anxious we are here for you to direct. This article contains amazing trips to draw waterfall. These tricks will lead you to draw a waterfall without any problem. We will tutor you on drawing a waterfall landscape step by step to make it easy for you to draw and know.

Every step is clarified very genuinely.  This drawing will help you make your drawing ability more faultless as more you draw, the more your drawing will be flawless. So let’s get it started.

Needed things to draw A waterfall landscape:

  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Tissue paper
  • White gel pen
  • Blending stump (you can also use cotton buds instead of blending stump)

·     1st step to draw waterfall:

First of all, draw a circle of radius of 8 cm. Now draw a line in the center of the page. Then shape the upper part of the line with a pencil. Shade in the shape of mountains.

If you want this step to be just right, then check the picture that is set below. After this take a tissue and blend mountains and lower part of the mountain. Now take the eraser and eraser the first line.

And erase in the middle mountain a little to make the waterfall. Remember to erase in the form of the lines. Then draw lines of the black part of the sides of the circle by using an eraser. After this by using an eraser draw small lines below the waterfall. If you want this step to be just right, then check the picture that is set below.

·     2nd step to draw waterfall:

Secondly, draw a half-line in the bottom of the circle at a little distance.  Now draw a vertical zigzag line at the end of the line to make the ground. Then color this part black. After this, it is time to draw a tree. Draw the two lines at a small distance from the left side of the ground and end on the top of the circle.

Now draw v shape on the top and between the two lines.  Then color the tree and add more branches in the tree to make it look more beautiful. Also, draw a little grass around the tree. If you want this step to be just right, then check the picture that is set below.

·     3rd step to draw waterfall:

A Waterfall Landscape 2021


Now take the white gel pen and enhance the waterfall and the lines you draw using an eraser. Also, enhance the tree by using the white gel pen. Then draw the up curve and draw the two lines on the top of the up curve to make a boat. After this draw a canopy on the top of the boat. If you want this step to be just right, then check the picture that is set below.

Then color the lower part of the boat and draw two small lines on the canopy. Now take a blending stump and blend the lower, part of the boat to make the boat’s shadow. After this draw a tiny man and a fishing rod as shown n the picture.

Don’t forget to draw the small lines in the shadow by using the white gel pen. Your drawing is reading to be shown.


This article will coach you how to draw a waterfall. This article contains helpful tips to draw waterfall. This drawing will give the confidence to draw more drawings similar to this one. If you draw waterfall landscape, you will be capable of drawing more drawings in your own without any support. Remember to check the pictures put in this article, while drawing so your drawing comes out flawless.

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